Future Bristol

What will Bristol look like in 10 years time?

Future Bristol is a side project whereby the goal is to create a Google Earth model and rendered views of what the city could look like if the large developments currently in planning and under construction all come to fruition.

Once a massing model is complete, I will later add coloured elevations and structural details.

Priority Developments (no particular order):

  1.  Castle Park View
    – Simple Massing Model Complete
  2. Temple Way
    – Building A modelled in detail
    – Building B & C massing models until detailed planning applications submitted
  3. Finzels Reach
    Simple Massing Model Complete
  4. Redcliff Phase 2/3
  5. Simple Massing Model Complete
  6. Soapworks
    Simple Massing model complete
  7. UoB Student Accommodation
    Simple Massing model complete
  8. Chanson Food Site
  9. Simple Massing model complete
  10. Gas Road
    Simple Massing model complete
  11. Bath Road
    Simple Massing model complete

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